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Bug and Issue Tracking

We run RT for bug and issue tracking at rt.anarres.org. You may open a ticket by mailing libsrs2 [ta] rt.anarres.org, and the developers will respond. This is the recommended way to submit patches and bugs.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists for SRS.
The discussion list for all things related to SRS. Talk here.
The developers list for SRS. Patch here.
SPF support lists
Lists and support for SPF, the other half of the protocol pair.
Other lists at pobox.com
There are several other SPF and SRS related mailing lists, some of which are very high volume. Caveat subscriber.


Shevek is the primary designer of SRS, author of Mail::SRS and main author of libsrs2. He may be contacted at shevek [ta] anarres.org. Thanks to all the contributing authors and packagers, including, in approximate alphabetical order:

Commercial Support or Licensing

libsrs2 is free software. If this is not adequate for your needs then you should mail Shevek at srs [ta] anarres.org and ask for alternative terms.