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Papers describing SRS (for all interested parties)

Shevek's paper describing SRS is available in several formats. This paper documents the design of the protocol, the possible attacks against the protocol and why the design is invulnerable to these attacks. Any modification of the protocol should be required to undergo the same form of analysis. Modify the protocol at your own risk.

Documentation for libsrs2 Users

See the API documentation page.

Documentation for MTA Coders

See the MTA patches page.

Documentation for MTA Users

See the MTA users page.

Documentation for Distributors

Documentation for Testers

The source distribution contains a subdirectory perl/, which contains a small test suite for comparing the behaviour of libsrs2 with the behaviour of the reference implementation Mail::SRS.

Feel free to run this testsuite. If you extend it, please send patches back to srs [ta] anarres.org. To run the test suite, build libsrs2, then from the perl/ subdirectory, type:

perl Makefile.PL
make test

libsrs2 is a compliant library and may be used as a "gold standard" for testing other implementations. We aim to provide bindings for various languages to make this easier. If you write bindings for libsrs2 to a new language, please send them to shevek [ta] anarres.org for inclusion in the project.